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World Leaders

Retiring State Representative to New Hampshire declares that President Eisenhower was briefed on ETs

Henry W. McElroy, Jr, retiring State Representative to New Hampshire, declared this week that former U.S. President Eisenhower was briefed about the presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings on Earth. McElroy also said that the document he viewed while at the State Legislature made referrence to the opportunity for Eisenhower to meet the alien visitors.

British Prime Minister Promises Openness on Extraterrestrial Visitation

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Prime Minister David Cameron (right) & Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (left)

Earlier this year David Cameron the Conservative MP who is now the UK Prime Minister was asked a question about UFO secrecy. Broadcaster and campaigner Richard D. Hall attended a Cameron Direct event in January 2009 which was one of a series of public meetings broadcast live on the internet. The leader of the UK new coalition government gave a perfectly clear guarantee that as Prime Minister his UK government would have a policy of complete openness on the issue of whether extra-terrestrial life exists and on whether we are being visiting.

With the new coalition UK government we have a partnership that hasn't been seen in British politics since the early 20th century. At its top we have the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg who is the leader of the Liberal Democrat party.