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"Sorting Fact From Fantasy in Hollywood’s UFO Movies" by Robbie Graham

In an exclusive excerpt from Robbie Grahams new book Silver Screen Saucers, taken from the chapter ‘When Gods Walked Among Us’, which examines Hollywood’s longstanding fascination with Ancient Astronauts.

Released in 1994, Roland Emmerich’s Stargate was one of the first movies of its decade to neatly package the core ingredients of the now vibrant global UFO-conspiracy subculture: government secrecy, reverse engineering of alien technology, an evil alien from a dying world, and crucially, Ancient Astronauts.

The plot concerns a 10,000 year old headstone discovered in Egypt in 1928 and now under lock and key in a US military installation (clearly modelled on NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain complex). Linguist Daniel Jackson (James Spader) is tasked by project leaders with deciphering the glyphs and symbols that adorn the artefact and deduces from them the existence of a “Stargate,” a device capable of forming a traversable wormhole for cosmic explorers.

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