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Philip Mantle

Outer Limits Magazine - UFO Conference, Hull, September 9th 2017

Hull UFO Conference line up - September 2017

Five UFO researchers - Philip Mantle, Mike Covell, Paul Sinclair, Russel Callaghan and Malcolm Robinson - will be speaking at the Outer Limits Magazine - UFO Conference in Hull on Saturday 9th of September. 

 oors Open: 10.00 am, First Speaker: 10.30 am- Ends 7.00 pm

The Freedom Centre, Preston Road, Hull HU9 3QB

Tickets £10.00 each. 

Yorkshire Evening Post: Meet the UFO man who says the truth is out there...

Philip Mantle has met many people who claim to have seen ufos, including those who claim they were abducted by aliens. Neil Hudson lifts the veil on the mystery that won’t go away.

The strange light filmed hovering over Leeds recently has reignited the debate about UFOs. Though the sighting is unlikely to answer any fundamental questions, one Yorkshireman is convinced these unexplained phenomena have a deeper meaning.