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Open Letters: An exopolitical walk down memory lane by Stephen Bassett

The U.S. government’s policy of truth embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence was formulated between 1947 and 1952 when it was aggressively set in motion with the cooperation of its WWII allies including the United Kingdom.  For the next four decades ending the truth embargo was out of the question so long as the Cold War was underway.

The door to Disclosure begins to open in 1992 and could well have taken place during the first term of President Bill Clinton. However, the military/intelligence complex in cooperation with right wing sympathizers, in particular Richard Mellon Scaife, unleashed the hounds of hell on the Clinton administration successfully reducing the President’s political capital and limiting his options. For the remainder of the decade, while Disclosure prospects waned, the Disclosure advocacy movement advanced.  

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Porn, Scorn and Evolutionary Apex Points The Shifting Nature of Counter-Intelligence Approaches to the UFO Field by David Griffin

“‘Through counter-intelligence it should be possible to pinpoint potential trouble-makers and neutralize them…’ ‘and neutralize them…’ Wake Up!”
Lyrics from “Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine
— quoting a March 1968 FBI memo

On a personal level, there were many ‘elephant in the room’ components to the issue of UFOs and contact that made me reluctantly dip back into the literature circa 2005 and try and work out was going on once more. Aside from 23,000 year old cave paintings of aliens and their apparent craft – a more modern jaw-dropper was finding out that, in the post-war era, the UFO issue was rated ‘higher than the hydrogen-bomb’  with regards to it’s secrecy and national security status. Here, we once more find ourselves in Alice in Wonderland territory with regards to the issue of visiting intelligences. Why would official structures claim this subject was nothing more than illusory – officially declare the intelligence status of nuclear weapons as LESS important than the supposedly fictitious flying saucer stuff?  The same contradiction becomes obvious when dealing with the individuals who contribute to the field in any way.  The aim was to make authors irrelevant, professional pilots or military made to fear career suicide and those even closer to the phenomena as kooks or low-IQ morons.

In the last decade or so, the previous tactics that may have had a degree of success in keeping the issue out of mainstream culture began to become ineffective.  For one, attempting to supress an evolutionary process is never going to be a battle you can win – even with all the resources you could desire at your fingertips. You start to get the idea that there may be something inherent in some of us to twist everything into a cosmic, mythical battle.  So a policy that may have started with a degree of noble intent in the confused aftermath of WW2 has now become un-workable. More importantly, the passing decades have resulted in some seeing the whole vast approach as having far from benign agendas by growing numbers on all sides. Couple this with the recent boom in information communications technology and cheaper gadgets for unmediated contact with aspects of the ET issue and you can’t avoid an apex point looming on the horizon.

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The John Lennon UFO Story By Grant Cameron

“Like a U.F.O. you came to me and blew away life’s misery,
Out the blue life’s energy, Out the blue you came to me”
Lyrics from “Out of the Blue” by John Lennon
— from the album Mind Games, published by Apple Records 1973

The Beatles will undoubtedly go down in history as the greatest musical group ever. John Lennon, who started the group in the fifties, will probably go down in history as the driving force behind the group.

The group started out as the Quarry Men. Paul McCartney was invited into the group by John who was impressed with his talent and Paul brought in George Harrison.  Later these three replaced drummer Pete Best with Ringo Starr and the rest was history.

What many don’t know is that UFOs played a role in John Lennon’s life, and he may have been an abductee based on some of the things that have been reported about his experiences.

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UFOs: Belief or Proof? By Grant Cameron

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”
– Stuart Chase

Everyone in society today has heard of UFOs and the possibility that this phenomenon may represent the arrival on earth of extraterrestrials, advanced spiritual beings, or beings from another dimension.

Everyone inside the UFO research field is also aware that there is a strong skeptical group of scientists that are determined to crush any conclusion that UFO represent anything outside the random physical world view.

Their major counter to UFO researcher claims that UFOs represent something non-local and separate from the physical world view is usually summed up with the expression, “There is no conclusive evidence that proves the UFO claim."

This sets up a high mountain for Ufology to climb because the skeptics are dogmatically hard liners in their religious world view that everything is physical. They are riveted with fear, like a small child on his bed in the dark, waiting for the bogeyman man under the bed to reach out and grab him.

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Dr. George King: Contactee with the Gods from Space By Richard Lawrence

“Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament.”
– The Master Aetherius, to Dr. George King

These words, spoken by an interplanetary intelligence known as The Master Aetherius, to Dr. George King on May 8th, 1954 in London, triggered a series of interplanetary contacts which would continue regularly until his passing in 1997. This is one of the great contactee stories – in my view the greatest. Controversial even in UFO circles, his cosmic encounters are nevertheless a must-know for any serious ufologist.

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Looking back at ‘Contact’ By Robbie Graham

In a time when the idea of alien visitation is becoming inseparable from Transformers and Battleships, the 1997 movie Contact seems more rare and precious than ever...

Based on the novel by famed astronomer Carl Sagan, the 1997 movie Contact has become a firm favourite in the UFO community. Sagan, of course, was a vehement UFO sceptic, and so it is ironic that Contact connects so profoundly with so many in the UFO field; ironic, but perhaps not surprising considering the movie lends itself freely to UFOlogical readings.

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Flying Saucers, Contactees and Extraterrestrial Communication By Anthony Beckett

“It was learned that the aliens had been and were then manipulating masses of people through secret societies, witchcraft, magic, the occult, and religion.”
 - The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12 by Milton William Cooper, 1989

I first heard Bill Cooper’s voice in 1994. The above quote, spoken by the controversial ufologist and whistleblower at a 1989 MUFON lecture, was used in a piece of music by the band Eat Static on a track called Abnormal Interference on their 1994 album Implant.

It was possibly the first time I’d heard it suggested that extraterrestrials would seek to influence human culture through the manipulation of people at such an all-encompassing level. It was Cooper’s claim that, not only did the US government know from very early on that extraterrestrial contact was going on, but it was interfering with society, and was outside of the ability of the government to control it. The tone implied that this was something to be afraid of.

It is of course possible for governments and other terrestrial organisations to utilise these same facets of human society for the perversion of reality and the manipulation of others. So, is there any evidence of this outside of unverified claims of alleged insiders? Where could we start our search for signs of it?

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Expand Your Reality! by Andrew Johnson

Thinking of UFO’s and ET’s
The UFO/ET subject is hugely complicated and filled with contradictions, puzzles and challenges. For all those people that explore this field and whose curiosity or experiences propel them past the study of “lights in the sky,” they will start to encounter something more profound.

Their understanding of the universe will most likely change – perhaps gradually, or even quite suddenly.  They may therefore experience a huge shift in their consciousness. Similarly, for people like me who have “an itch” and start to “scratch through” the veneer of reality, a change in consciousness often occurs – we see a larger reality, with more distant and stranger horizons. These new perspectives make us think and even behave in new ways.

In many cases, things that once seemed important to us become less and less significant. The age old questions of “What am I doing here? Where did I come from? Is there a creator?” can take on a new dimension – as we begin to consider the possibility that we are part of a larger, grand “Cosmic Plan.”

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