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February 18th, 2010 - A Big Day for UFO News Stories in the UK Press

Newly release UFO files from the UK government are available to download from http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ufos/

It is often the case that when the media covers the UFO issue they do so en mass and today was no exception. Thursday February 18th, 2010 found UK TV and Newspaper websites filled with articles about reports found in newly released UFO documents released by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). These documents are the latest batch of documents that are being released by the National Archives.

Mars - On The Edge

Anthony Beckett talks to Theo Chalmers about the evidence that NASA is suppressing evidence of current and past life on the planet Mars, and is holding back from disclosing evidence of intelligent life on Mars.

What no UFO?! Why Exopolitics could be the lens for viewing Omega Point culture

Although many people found themselves introduced to the arena we call ‘conspiracy theory’ in the wake of September 11th 2001, it doesn’t take long for us to see that similar events are littered throughout history and are the staple tool for achieving power and influence in evolutionary terms. The difference today is that the grand chessboard can be observed and to an extent interacted with in real time, from any location and by any individual.

Why So Much About Science Is Wrong by Lloyd Pye

Michael Crichton once said, “In the end, science offers us the only way out of politics. And if we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost. We will enter the Internet version of the Dark Ages, an era of shifting fears and wild prejudices transmitted to people who don’t know any better. That’s not a good future for the human race. That’s our past.�

Disclosure, Exopolitics and Planetary Changes

We are at a turning point in our evolution. Globally, people are awakening to a cosmic reality, and organisations such as the 'Exopolitics Institute' and the 'Disclosure Movement' are advising and preparing for the implications of Open Disclosure and Contact. Using the evidence of UFO interactions and Crop Formation communications, Alan will illustrate that the wealth of existing eye-witness testimony and an exopolitical diplomatic perspective can help people through the coming revelations.