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"Why ET Contact is now an archetypal battle between the Priest and the Shaman"

Lecture by David Griffin

Two decades ago you were a fool for suggesting we lived in a universe which may have 'other' intelligent entities, possibly visiting us as a race at a crucial apex-point of its own evolution. Now with a new exo-planet capable of sustaining life being located every week it seems, this situation has flipped.  This despite the fact that some of us have been pointing out this rather crucial saucer in the living room since the 1950s 'space brother' contact era -  with the wealth of direct accounts that have grown since. 

Experiencing actual contact with visiting entities was previously the realm of the delusional,  myth or kookie types called "experiencers" - but things are now shifting faster than most of us can process. Where in the post nuclear-testing era of the 50's and 60's you may have been cordially invited to take a saucer ride with an aesthetically pleasing Nordic blonde bird, more recent years have seen little grey types offering the same but with additional, non-consensual,  medical fiddling included for free. 

Post 2012 - things have shifted again - but the situation is FAR more subtle and defy modernist type labeling.  This talk aims to put these shifts in context and show how current contact can be approached needing no mediation - be it new age guru, self-proclaimed contactee or permission from some government enlightened legislation.

ContActivisim is the natural end-point to both UFOlogy and Exopolitics - as no paradigm we've been part of to date is going to provide us with the experience and/or language to begin to tackle just what contact with these very real "Others" really means.

David will also discuss the use of Contactivist technology such as thermal and I.R. night vision units, together with a few other factors that small groups around the world have found can initiate human-to-ET communication. Some limited media will be shown to attempt to demonstrate the [certainly not fool-proof] C.E.5 process in action.

David Griffin will present "Why ET Contact is now an archetypal battle between the Priest and the Shaman" at the 6th Annual British Exopolitics Expo on Saturday September 27th, 2014.