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UFO Today Issue 1 is OUT NOW

Philip Mantle has worked on and written for many UFO publications around the world over the last 30 plus years. His very first one was the YUFOS JOURNAL put together by himself, the late Graham Birdsall and his brother Mark Birdsall. YUFOS was of course the Yorkshire UFO Society and its journal was produced on an old printer cranked by hand.
"It was hard work at times but the one thing I do remember most is that it was great fun. We all got a great sense of satisfaction from producing it. That very same sense of satisfaction has once again come to the fore with UFO TODAY. Of course the look of it, the production quality and graphics and everything else are worlds away from where I started. But the one thing that is here is the fun, the enjoyment and the great satisfaction that I feel when I see the finished product in front of me. UFO TODAY is a joy to work on. It is a melting pot of ufology and I can only hope that you can feel the sense of satisfaction I have with it and find something within its pages just for you" -  Philip Mantle,Editor - UFO TODAY