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Tony Topping


Media interest began for Tony Topping because of his experiences & very deep knowledge of matters UFO, which is based on actual events. His TV work covers UFOs, Mind Control, Conspiracy, Espionage & the psychic spy operations of the US & Russia during the cold war. Tony has  also have been a contributor for various major broadcasters from ITV to Channel 4 & Channel 5, BBC local & national news channels & used to be a regular contributor to national station TalkSPORT ­

Before attending stage school Tony had his first real UFO encounter in 1992, he lived in London until 1996, appeared in a documentary and a pop video and worked in an office for a charity, having his second UFO incident around Paddington in 1996 little knowing of the journey that would begin.

The filming of UFOs & other strange events came to the attention of a covert group of people in the intelligence services, an unelected group of people who engaged over a number of years with Tony in a campaign of covert harassment. This is called says Tony  "my private war spanning over five years."

Tony was caught up in illegal Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAP) operations without oversight. He continues to speak out against the people who are responsible for these actions towards him, Eisenhower clearly saw this monster arise in farewell address ICKE said, “The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.” A clear danger to the democratic process is in place after witnessing the events involving UFOs & covert interests.


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