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Miles Johnston


Miles Johnston is always on the leading edge of whatever is going down. With a history of creating Pirate radio and supplying transmitters and equipment in Ireland, following a UFO Wave in the 70s Miles become involved in the background scenes of the most revolutionary English language broadcasting since Radio Caroline hit the high seas in 1964. Breaking new ground and also documenting this major social revolution,in the Irish Era, Miles followed what is a major force in Awareness triggering via broadcast media. Miles was fired by the BBC in 1987 for sneaking in KISS-FM 103.7, a 1.2 Million FM Pirate into Northern Ireland, and west Scotland and NW England. (Oops.. They DID Notice it)

Followed by SKY TV, which revolutionised multiple choice narrow casting in Western Europe. But all this had it's "ET" or Extra Dimensional Entity involvement. After 21years Miles was not fired from SKY for telling Rupert Murdoch to he had less than 10 seconds to get out of SKY News while he ooddled Kay Burley, nor when Murdoch asked Miles about weather engineering of the Katrina - New Orleans events, but because he found out a highly dangerous black force was now engaged against us all via Broadcast Intelligent media. A force so dark and so dangerous, the job of revealing and dealing with this was beyond the scope of one man. Prompted with back door warnings from top BBC ex-management,there was no choice left but to blow the whistle on these activities.

In the words of Richard Keys, "There are Dark Forces working here...."

Now with The AMMACH Project, where with the Spring idea of Joanne Summerscales we are engaged in bringing to the light Mind Control,Abductee and Contactee witnesses and their testimony to the wider public domain. 

Miles is producer and researcher of the BASES Series, Backroom interviews and the AMMACH Project.


Exopolitics Great Britain appearances by Miles Johnston

  • 05 AUG 2011 : A.M.M.A.C.H., MilAbs and Mind Control in Broadcasting