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Ben Emlyn-Jones


Alternative researcher, novelist and radio show host Ben Emlyn-Jones found the HPANWO. A website dedicated to the latest news, views and reviews from the world of Government cover-ups, ghosts, UFO’s, Hospital Porters, paranormal investigation, hidden knowledge, forbidden history and archaeology, chemtrails… and even Hospital Porters. Ben, who has thousands of readers and listeners to his Critical Mass Radio show, is well know for his video reportage containing his political comment and often uses satirical characters to get his point across. He worked as a hospital porter for 22 years and helds an exemplary record until being suspended because of material he posted on his blog website. With that behind him he continues to support hospital porters and other NHS employees in addition to his tireless research in areas that far too many clearly fear to tread. Ben gives lectures about these touchy subjects at events around the UK including at New Horizons and Probe.

Ben in the media -


Ben has and will host the 6th and 7th Annual British Exopolitics Expo.