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Anthony Beckett


Anthony Beckett was born in 1975 in West Yorkshire and lives near Skipton.

He studied Chemistry at Loughborough University and graduated in 1997. Continuing his studies with a M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Huddersfield in 1998 he went on to work as a Pharmaceutical Development Scientist. In 2006. He is now a Web Designer and Software Engineer and continues to research the areas of Exopolitcs, Zero Point Energy Technologies, Suppression of information by Space Agencies and various other subjects. He organises events, lectures and speaking tours around the UK.

Anthony has also given lectures on subjects such as the exploration of Mars and the search for extraterrestrial life. He created the first British Exopolitics Expo in 2009 and founded Exopolitics Great Britain in order to promote exopolitical issues.


Exopolitics Great Britain appearances by
Anthony Beckett

07 AUG 2010 : The True Colours of Mars
28 SEPT 2013 : Extraterrestrial Life: Discovery and Disclosure
18 OCT 2015 : Proto-UFOs and Alien Manifestation