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Andrew Johnson


Andrew Johnson, born in 1964 in Keighley, West Yorkshire, but now lives near Derby. Having been educated at Ermysted's Grammar School in Skipton with 'A' Levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and General Studies he went on to Lancaster University do a degree in Computer Science (with a minor module of Physics) and graduated in 1986.

He worked in Software Engineering (real-time software process control and telecommunications) before developing an interest in teaching and education and spent two years as a lecturer on BTEC National and Higher National Diploma Courses at West Nottinghamshire College. After moving back into industry he was offered software development work based mainly at home, a short time before the birth of his daughter. He now does a range of part time jobs, earning most of his income from assessing disabled students for access to assistive technology for higher education. He also tutors part time on an Open University course called "Computers and Processors".

He began actively campaigning about 9/11 issues in September 2004 and is an active campaigner and researcher in other areas including Exopolitics & Disclosure, Evidence for Extra-terrestrial Civilizations, Chemtrails, and suppressed "Free Energy" Technologies.


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