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Multiple UFO Sightings in London Area

The past week has seen something of a UFO flap over the England with a dozen or so sightings reported to UK UFO Sightings for the week ending Sunday 26th June 2011. With the longer daylight hours around the summer solstice which was on Tuesday this week, this increase in reporting may only reflect the increase in the number hours that people spend outdoors. 

While UK UFO Sightings received many report I'm sure that a greater number went unreported. On Saturday, while attending a meeting in Leeds, a friend and an acquaintance both told me of their own sightings over West Yorkshire in the previous week. Neither of them filed a report with any reporting group on-line or otherwise. Nowadays not even the Ministry of Defense take reports of UFO sightings - according to Nick Pope UFO reporting was simply too much work for the MoD to cope with. Of course there are places to report UFO sighting in the UK such as UK UFO Sightings ( Then there are other on-line places that people can document their UFO sightings. One such place is YouTube.

I don't normally pay much attention to YouTube clips of UFO sightings simply because the authentication of the videos is a difficult if not impossible task. However, as noted by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel in their book "A. D. After Disclosure", the event that forces disclosure could be well be a mass sighting event in witnessed by hundreds or thousands of people. They note that kind of event has happened before but the difference in this the 2nd decade of the 21st century is the ubiquity of the video recording devices in the possession of many of the witnesses. Analysis of the events which have been recorded on hundred of individual video clips could make the existence of a unknown craft undeniable and debunking without reason untenable.

The question on video fakery also goes hand in hand with UFO disclosure. One reason to be cautious is not simply that YouTube clips have not been manipulated. If a disclosure event was to occur and the mainstream press jumped on the story of the mass sighting that triggered disclosure, it would necessary to stand-back question the validity of the offically released videos, just as we do with YouTube clips.

We have seen bogus and out-of-context videos and photos peddled by the media before. Most recently the photoshoped photo the assassinated Osama Bin Laden - photos proudly expose by the altnative media and some mainsteam outlines (The Guardian) as being a hoax. Saying nothing here of the "Zapruder film" of President John F Kennedy's assassination and the claims of video fakery broadcast by mainstream media in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.  

During the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China the broadcast footage included a computer graphic sequence but the impression was to have the audience think the sequence was real. 

Wescam, a Canadian company, makes imaging systems that can inject fake sequences into live video shots - reportly used in military training exercises to add the element of realism. Claims have been made that Wescam footage was used to broadcast live on 9/11 from helicopters was utilizing just that technology. Given that these technologies exist it would be prudent for us analyse a disclosure event any footage in this context.

Next year see the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony on Sunday August 12th, 2012 - "The Glorious Twelveth" indeed. If perhaps, H. G. Wells' tales of the invasion of London by Martian invaders - on the first day of English hunting season of all dates - begins to appear a little too prophetic - then remember the need to analyse and study as you would do a random YouTube clip someone sends you on facebook.